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Zhineng Qigong

A fruit of the five-thousand-year-old Chinese wisdom culture, and a uniquely new, highly advanced life science - Zhineng Qigong (Chi-Lel Qigong, Wisdom Healing Qi Gong) has won the hearts of millions of people.

Numerous miracles of healing, virtually unbelievable experimental results, and extraordinary powers
have been the rewards of those who practice it. Zhineng Qigong represents a revolutionary leap in the exploration of the mysteries of human life.

As certified China's pre-eminent energy-healing approach after a nineteen-year government survey, Zhineng Qigong - the cultivation of intelligent life energy - has demonstrated an incredible 95% healing effectiveness rate on over 450 serious and terminal disease conditions (Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Heart Disease...) of more than 200,000 patients. 350,000 students were trained at the previous Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. There are about millions of practitioners worldwide.

Two decades after the first wave of mass qigong fever back into the early 80's of last century, the trend of qigong or Yoga practice has changed from internal/external chi cultivation to opening up vital Energy Centers (Dantians), Central Meridians and Channels.

With the help of the newly developed Zhineng Breathing Series created and compiled by Master Zhankui Liu, practitioners are able to enjoy immediate uplifts and make rapid progresses in self-healing and advanced practice (opening up the Vital Energy Centers, Loosening up the lower back or even the Central Meridians/Channels.)


Zhineng Qigong Retreats - A Life-changing Experience!

2015 Retreats with a 3-day or 5-day fast
Sep.4-8 and Oct.8-13,  2015, Eldorado Park, Brampton, Canada.

The 7th in a series of annual retreat on Zhineng Qigong practices, this follows a tradition that began in Montreal (2008) and continued through Shambhala Center & San Diego (2009), San Diego (2010), New Mexico (2011 & 2012), and Boulder Colorado (2013).

This year’s location will be close to the beautiful Eldorado Park in Brampton, Canada. We will enjoy a secluded, peaceful and tranquil retreat at our new retreat center. Spots are limited, please contact Jane  (zhinengqigong@gmail.com)  as early as possible to make your reservation or register on line. Spots are limited. 

Join us to have a life-changing experience!

Healing & Training Programs

We provide various healing and training programs at different levels.


Special Zhineng Qigong Audio and Video CDs

New CDs with Master Liu's powerful spiritual transmissions have been released at our Book Store

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